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Hi, my name is Adam Thompson and I am a traveler in my heart, traveling is my addiction and I just can’t get enough of it, you maybe be familiar with the feeling that every spare time you have you want to go somewhere and see more new things, beautiful examples of nature or the great cultures of mankind that fascinates you every time, I have a girlfriend that is as addicted to travel as I am, so you can say I’m a lucky guy, for us a job is only a source of income from which we can then go and see beautiful countries abroad, we currently live in Orlando, Florida, I work as a school teacher and my girlfriend works as a waitress in the restaurant, for us the happiest feelings in life come by the arrival of summer, that is the time when we can go on a vacation and travel somewhere far from America, I am by no means discriminating my country, in fact it is the opposite, America has one of the most beautiful sightseeing’s and natural habitats in the world, for example grand canyon, where you can witness a true miracle of nature, and I won’t even get started with the forests we have in America, Alaska is one of the most astonishing places in the world, but I have seen it all, I grew up in a family where it was a tradition to travel at least once a year, if my father came home tired on Friday, he would tell us to pack our things and get ready to go camping, I guess he was as crazy about travelling as I am now, me and my sisters would quickly pack our things and go camping for a weekend, that was the best recreation we could get and after several days of spending in the nature, we returned home full with energy and positive vibes, I could see my father being as happy as a child every time we went on a trip. So you can say I pursue the same hobby as my father used to.

This year me and Cler were contemplating on where to go, we didn’t want to go in south America because we have been to Peru the previous year and we wanted something different, at the end of the debate we concluded that we wanted to go somewhere in Europe, but we had no specific county chosen yet and then it hit my mind, one month earlier I gave my students a project to write, a project about their origin, and one student Kakha had written an excellent essay about his country Georgia, I got really interested in the country and it set in my mind that I wanted to visit Georgia whenever I had a chance, so I told it to Cler and she agreed with me, that is how we decided where our next journey would lead us, and it would be in the mountains of Caucasus, bordered by Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. We were really excited, because of the fact that we didn’t really know what was waiting for us there, would it be another great journey that would leave us full with energy for month to come, or would it turn out to be a disappointment.

So we set up for our journey and travelled to the capital city of Georgia Tbilisi, Tbilisi is an old town with lots of things to discover, starting from its architecture, which turned out to be very interesting, because it was a blend of old styles and new ones, which began to appear in Tbilisi since it was developing rapidly and was on the verge of entering the European Union. We didn’t stop in Tbilisi for more than 2 days, even though we left much to see, me and Cler wanted to witness the wild nature of Georgia, after buying tour tickets which included almost every significant sightseeing in Georgia, we headed up in the mountains of Caucasus and were amazed to see such beauty of nature, the mountain range was quite different from what I have seen in my life but it was literally astonishing, and on top of that we saw the people who lived in the mountains of Caucasus for thousands of years and had their own kind of culture slightly dissimilar to the culture that other Georgians had, there I found out that the Caucasus range had one of the highest peaks in Europe, Mount Elbrus.

To say the least me and Cler where already delighted with our choice and it was far from over then, in the next article I’ll tell you about how we traveled to the Georgian seaside, how we got back to Tbilisi to see some significant religious monuments and other attractions and how we accidentally found ourselves on the concert of a very good musician Bera and how we got to know Bera personally.